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Keep Thinking: Real Ways to Help Others in Times of Trouble!

Since COVID-19 reached our state, a lot of us find ourselves spending a great deal more time at home. We may also find ourselves wishing there were things we could do to be of help to others. A recent piece in "Southern Living" magazine mentioned Points of Light, the volunteer coordination organization started by President George H. W. Bush (the first one). It is the largest such organization in the world, and if you are looking for something helpful to do from home, this is for you. The site address is . It has a category called Virtual Volunteering, which lists many different organizations you can connect with online to be of help. One such example is the Crisis Text Line. You will receive training to be able to give encouragement to people online who may be experiencing difficulties of any kind. Another site within Points of Light is All For Good (, a database of thousands of volunteer opportunities, many of which can be accomplished remotely online.

It is truly amazing how many possibilities there are to do helpful things while sitting right there at your own computer (or telephone). I do hope some Springwood folks will take an interest in doing this. I didn't look at everything, but I'll bet there's even a prayer line you could man. If not, maybe we should start one at Springwood? People could call up, and hear a voice praying with and for them. Just a thought.

So, keep thinking--it's good for you.

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